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 We strongly recomend that you not use your hunters safety training for sole evidence of training for a carry permit. It is not appropriate training beyond the firearm safety aspect. Wisconsin residents MUST have a Wisconsin permit to carry concealed in Wisconsin. You may then apply for the 31 state valid carry Utah permit. While Illinois does not currently issue permits to Wisconsin residents we fully expect  national reciprociy to pass by spring of 2017 making it federal law that the Wisconsin permit will be valid in all 50 states. This Utah/Wi. training class is accepted for training by the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Call us at 608-449-4901 for info or to host a class in your home or business. The Wisconsin permit fee is $40 and it takes about 21 days to receive the 5 year permit.
Our next Beloit Wi. class for the Wisconsin and or Utah ccw permits is scheduled for Oct. 25th at the Beloit Hampton Inn from 6-10pm.. Call or email us to register or click the buy now button on the home page.
 Price of class does not include permit fees. You will have up to a year after class to apply for the Utah permit. If you only want one permit (Wisconsin or Utah) the fee for the class is 50$.  If you want to apply for both Wisconsin and Utah permits the class fee is 75$.To register please make a deposit on the home page on the buy now button or call to mail a deposit check. 




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