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Multi state IL and Utah concealed carry class dates below..to register deposit or pay in full on the buy now button at the bottom left of this page.    Refund policy below. Call if you would like to mail a deposit check .. We accept Paypal, debit or credit cards on the buy now or bill me later button below.                                          

Illinois/Wisconsin/Utah/Florida ccw classes  below. Utah class price includes fingerprinting..NO FOID NEEDED FOR Utah CLAss


Beloit Wi.  May 28th 6-10pm  Wi/Utah CCW class 75$

Machesney Park, June 3rd, 4th, 5th from  6-10pm IL CCL classes ...call for pricing info.  815-282-1045

Call  Rock River Outfitters    for info on the May weekend IL CCL class  in Oregon IL.

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Please enter the desired class date in white box above the buy now button, an email confirmation will be sent promptly. Full refund of deposit is provided in event of cancellation of class or upon request for ANY reason up to 24 hours prior to class.  Students may apply deposit to another class date at any time if space is available.


Mark W. Philpot

call for information..815-282-1045

Utah concealed firearm permit info link

Florida reciprocity link

Wisconsin residents please click here...  We have trained over a thousand concealed carry students in the past 4 years.  We offer the Illinois, Wisconsin and Utah concealed firearm permit classes... Our next May weekend Oregon Illinois CCL class for the Illinois permit will be hosted by Rock River Outfitters. Please call them for dates and pricing.  Our next Machesney Park Illinois CCL Permit class will be held June 3rd 4th and 5th from 6-10pm..  The Utah ccw class provides the first 4 hours for the IL CCL training requirements and the Utah permit is valid in 32 states. Please call 815-282-1045 or email us at carrysafe1@juno.com for info.  Pricing for the Utah (first 4 hours for the IL CCL)  classes upcoming are on the lower left. You can register for those classes on the buy now button on the lower left of this page. I am certified by the Illinois State Police, the state of Utah and the NRA as an instructor. Mark Philpot

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